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Integrated service management for maintenance and repairs in after-sales

After the project is completed successfully, you can offer your customers reliably scheduled service on the basis of contracts with configurable intervals. You can use the integrated service contract management with services quotes, -contracts, -orders and -invoices. Your shipped goods are automatically or manually created as a service item with maintenance and warranty information. You can deposit service rates and consider them automatically at processing the service order. You are able to define necessary qualifications for the employees who carry out the services. These qualifications are matched with the appropriate qualifications of your employees in resource planning. Your field crew has access to service orders with solution manuals and working papers to enter the data directly into your ERP System. The history of all relevant service tasks can be shown in service logs.

You can use projects for the commercial representation of service contracts with service budgets. New service requests are automatically linked to the budgets and filled with detailed information like the person responsible, service-level-agreement and request description. With a text editor you can document the case continuously. Service hours are recorded and posted. In reporting, you determine the current posting status of the service budget and print it as an activity protocol. If the customer does not have a service contract, you can solve and invoice the service request on a time and material basis. To optimize the process of recording service requests, you can allow your customers to enter the requests directly via internet in your ERP System. For this they can use the web client, tablet client or the SharePoint client.

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