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SAP® Test Management

Ensure consistent quality efficiently for small and large systems

In the context of SAP®, test management is often considered unnecessary or insignificant. It is reduced to one of the smallest tasks: finding errors. This is the wrong approach when you consider that the methods of test management commonly used today aim to provide project managers with information or create a security net during operations that performs all necessary tests without consuming time from different departments.

A better information supply in the project means:

  • The project manager can make decisions more easily
  • Constant supply of current key figures regarding the quality and progress of the project
  • Early detection of deviations from the plan
  • Higher likelihood of the project being done on time and within the budget
  • The risk of project investment loss is minimized

During operations, efficient safeguards are created to recognize the effects (negative and positive) on a production system before it is no longer available due to an error.

Advantages of test management during operations:

  • Protect production and your data from most errors
  • Less cost-intensive post-patching if there are errors in the update
  • More flexibility regarding scope and implementation times of transports
  • Extensive impact analysis and thus time savings during regression tests for release upgrades
  • Minimal time investment of departments for checking processes that have already been tested

To be able to reach these goals, a good deal of experience is necessary, which is why our test management is structured and equipped by consultants.

Our consultants therefore cover the following disciplines:

  • Comprehensive strategy consulting in SAP®/non-SAP® test management
  • Special know-how in the methods of test automation, test data management, and performance testing with user knowledge for the most popular tools
  • Consultants at trainer level for the tool Tricentis® TOSCA
  • Certified test management according to ISTQB
  • Specialists for all required project tasks (from strategy consulting, software development, test engineers, and project managers to software architects)
  • Experienced team (no expensive, risk-laden project staffing of project members necessary)
  • Focus on project success (professional project development, extensive know-how, and best practises ensure higher quality and project success)

We use specialized, top-down-driven methods to test your business processes and software.

This image shows an overview oft the different SAP test management processes.

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Andreas Fiebing
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