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SAP® Mobile

Put company documents and data securely onto mobile devices

Using SAP® Mobile, you are able to provide your staff with secure access to documents, information and data – up to date, at any time and on any device.

SAP is the world's leading provider of a uniform mobile solution:

From device management with SAP® Afaria, via document sharing with SAP® Mobile Documents and the leading SAP® Mobile Platform middleware, we provide you with an end-to-end solution for your mobile landscape.

With SAP® Fiori you will find even now finished apps that with minor adaptations will make your business processes mobile.

The benefits for you:

  • Savings on time and labour
  • Error levels minimised
  • Important processes optimised
  • High standard of security for mobile equipment
  • Access to data and documents anytime, anywhere
  • Motivated employees

Our areas of core competence

In consultancy:

  • Workshop and strategy development
  • Process selection and ERP adaptation
  • Project management, training and documentation
  • App programming, depending on platform

In technical operation:

  • Hosting
  • Remote or on-site operation of the systems
  • Device management and administration
  • Connection management between back-end and clients
  • Service and support with hotline
SAP® Afaria

Management and configuration of mobile devices over their full life cycle.

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SAP® Mobile Documents

Secure document management for on the road and in the workplace. 'Single source of truth'

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SAP® Mobile Platform

The middleware for managing access rights, connections and load distribution

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SAP® Fiori

Easy-to-use apps for business processes in administration, servicing and production

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Lea Porten
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