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Microsoft and LS Retail - the perfect team

Ideal for Retail and Hospitality

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a tried-and-tested standard software for use in ERP systems in a wide variety of sectors, such as restaurants and food services , opticians , jewelry stores , retail stores, or other businesses. All processes - Point of Sale (POS) system, store back office, warehousing, logistics, and the central back office - are contained in the standard system and make LS Retail a complete retail management system and unique on the software market.

With the complete system LS Nav users from other company areas like at the Point of Sale (POS), sales, marketing, warehousing and services, also have direct access to the information require.

All employees use the familiar, user-friendly work interface and operating logic.

Terminals, stores, and the head office use the same application. As a result, it is possible to track POS transactions throughout the system to the Finance Department and so being able to

optimize the overall transparency of your business.

The complete Retail and Hospitality solution offers you:

  • Higher productivity - thanks to automated work and sales processes
  • Versatile and exact evaluations - to optimize your business
  • Transparent and efficient processes - for higher customer and employee satisfaction

  • The ability to expand and adapt your business and respond quickly to market changes - by reducing IT costs and boosting efficiency
  • Transfer of information and key figures in real time
  • Future ready, flexible and customizable solution




Gudmundur Karlsson

Gudmundur Karlsson
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Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV of the Year

LS Retail named "Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV of the Year" for 2015

For its exceptional business success, LS Retail was named "Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV of the Year" for 2015 as well as "ISV of the Year for Western Europe" and "ISV of the Year for the United States".