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Your projects - our solution

We offer industry-specific solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the following areas:

Our new software solution is the heart of your project driven business. From acquisition to payment, the whole supply chain is supported. The software is easy to use and will boost your efficiency. You have control over every task in your project and ensure that it is in time, budget and quality.

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User friendliness

This ERP Solution is the way to structured business processes. The integration to Microsoft Office, SharePoint and many more products combined with the familiar and unique user experience lets your employees learn Microsoft Dynamics NAV very quickly and increase happiness, motivation and acceptance of the new system. continue


You are able to analyze prospective customers by self-defined attributes, evaluate opportunities and create offers. An assistant guides you through defined sales processes, generates opportunities and traces them. Your sales experience helps you to evaluate opportunities by combining the progress in the sales process with the order probability. continue

Planning and controlling

Commercial and logistic data of your customer like sales address, billing address, delivery addresses and construction zone are entered in the project card. You define the involved resources like project leader, project manager and project team members. continue

Resource planning

The introduction of standard software regularly faces companies with a lot of challenges. Our IPMA certified project managers have many years of experience in complex software projects. We use an optimized project methodology for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV based on Microsoft Sure Step. At the beginning of a project we tailor our industry-specific templates to your particular requirements in order to provide a slim project procedure. continue

Project methodology

The introduction of standard software regularly faces companies with a lot of challenges. Our IPMA certified project managers have many years of experience in complex software projects. We use an optimized project methodology for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV based on Microsoft Sure Step. continue


CAD / PDM interface data is imported with a CAD / PDM interface to MS Dynamics NAV. Multi-level BOMs with revision management are available in the cockpit. From the imported information you create items in MS Dynamics NAV and complete commercial information by templates. After certification the BOMs can be used in the project plan and in the manufacturing module. continue


Requisitions are created for the procurement of items and resources. The demands from sales, project, service and inventory are checked against the supplies from purchasing and warehouse. With the help of procurement parameters an optimized order proposal for each item is generated. continue

Production / Fitting

Your single- or multilevel production information is entered into production BOMs and routings, both are connected to your item master data. With date-dependent versions you keep your master data up-to-date and have access to the history. continue

Work in progress

Different methods to calculate the unfinished work are available. For example you use the actual accrued cost of purchase with the sales value as a maximum. You decide if the expenses should be transferred to the general ledger project- or item-related. continue

Customer Care

We do not want to only win you as customers, but we want to retain you as long-term customers. Therefore the satisfaction with akquinet, even after an implementation project, is our ultimate goal. continue

Time recording

The employees enter the performed hours on their individual time recording screen. An optional approval process transfers the hours on the project manager’s/supervisor’s screen. The project manager/supervisor decides if the hours are billable. continue


The finished or half-finished goods are packed into packaging units such as packages, containers and pallets for the shipment. The information of the ready-to-ship made goods is transferred to delivery notes. In the delivery note you choose the place of delivery out of the project delivery addresses. Accompanying your goods the printed document leaves your enterprise. continue

Commercial invoice

The payment terms negotiated with the customer are recorded as rates with advanced payments and final invoices. In the same way you can bill your performed services. The usage-sales-link ensures that all performed hours are invoiced. continue


After the project is completed successfully, you can offer your customers reliably scheduled service on the basis of contracts with configurable intervals. You can use the integrated service contract management with services quotes, -contracts, -orders and -invoices. continue


Microsoft has shortened the release cycle for new versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A new major release is available every year. This development is funded by your yearly paid update fee (business ready enhancement plan). You only gain all the benefits of a state-of-the art ERP System, if you upgrade your system continuously. continue

Financial accounting

MS Dynamics NAV has a fully integrated general ledger and ensures the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. continue

Cost and performance accounting

In the first step full cost accounting gathers the costs in the cost type accounting. The division of individual and indirect costs is made here. The second step of cost center accounting links the indirect costs with cost centers. The internal cost allocation charges the main cost centers completely. continue


Analyze your projects in the desired level of detail. This can easily be done by defining multiple criteria to analyze your projects (analysis dimensions). continue


A standard software offers a variety of opportunities to maintain individual values in master data. If these fields are not sufficient, you can define several attributes on each master data. With templates you will ensure that every definition is available. continue


The license model of perpetual licensing for MS Dynamics NAV 2015 enables small and medium-sized companies to enter the areas of financial accounting, enterprise resource planning and future growth fast and at low cost. continue

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