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Industry 4.0 - digital progress from a human perspective


Industry 4.0 with AKQUINET stands for successful integration and intelligent networking. Of development, production and logistics. Of companies and people.

We are a leading consultant for digital intelligence solutions. In the production, mobility, health and energy application fields.

As a strategic development partner, we accompany our customers into the digital future. From the initial step to the overall solution – from sensor to cloud.

Our aim is to achieve optimal human integration in technological progress.

Together with our customers, we create the future. With confidence and always from a human perspective.


And, as your digital companion for Industry 4.0, we always keep you up-to-date with our >>Twitter account.

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Lars Meuling, Vice-President Marketing, Bromma:

"The akquinet/ISL team possesses the necessary industry-specific expertise and was able to rapidly firm up our requirements, which were initially rather open, in a result-oriented way. Thanks to their experience in machine control projects and their good project management, akquinet implemented the AMS to our full satisfaction within schedule and budget. The application is easy to operate as well as very reliable, and we have used it to expand our leading position in the area of ALPs."

Integration of machines

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Data - The oil of the digital revolution

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Intelligent process automation

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